Market Tour & a Private Cooking lesson in Florence

Today's cooking class begins with a visit to the Mercato Centrale and ends in Stefania's kitchen where the freshest local produce, time-honored traditions and a dash of storytelling are all part of the recipe...

One of the brightest ambassadors of her native Tuscany, Stefania welcomes you into her family home near the Porta Romana for a master class in cooking that goes beyond simply following recipes. Sharing culinary history, igniting passion for traditional recipes and creating inviting table settings are just as important to Tuscan cooking as relying on the finest in zero-kilometer produce. And to source the finest in farm-fresh produce for your cooking class, you'll venture to Florence's Mercato Centrale to join the Italian mamme and local chefs as they do their daily shop. Back in Stefania's kitchen, you'll discuss the day's menu over an aperitivo and then get down to the business of cooking a five-course meal including such traditional Italian fare as schiacciata bread, homemade ravioli with pesto and a cake made with chocolate and red wine. Stefania's enthusiasm is contagious, her tips and tricks are fool-proof and her recipes are all destined to become part of your regular meal rotation at home. As you take your place at her lovely table to enjoy the fruits of your labor, you'll raise your glass of wine and toast to your new-found friend.


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