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Must-pack sustainable items for your next trip!

Must-pack sustainable items for your next trip!

As every day is Earth day and we’re looking forward to a more promising 2021 where hopefully we’ll get to travel to destinations near and far we bring you our favorite must-pack sustainable items for your next trip. These are all products I personally use and love. They’d make great gifts for travel-loving friends and family but we won’t tell if you gift yourself a few of these items! Join in on the giveaway from Barefoot Journeys where a lucky winner will get to take home some of these eco-conscious travel goodies.



It can be challenging to find swabs made from eco-friendly materials but what’s better than a swab made of bamboo and cotton is a reusable one. LastSwab takes up virtually no space in your suitcase (much less than a big pack of single-use swabs), is easy to clean, and replaces at least 1,000 cotton swabs.



This natural deodorant is fully sustainable and refillable. Not only is Wild eco-friendly it’s healthier for you as it’s vegan and free of aluminum, parabens, and artificial fragrances. When you run out just order a refill in biodegradable packaging. 


Annually one billion toothpaste tubes fill landfills globally. Skip traditional tubes of toothpaste for plastic-free tablets from Bite Toothpaste Bits. They’ve created the debut nanohydroxyapatite toothpaste tablet which is a fluoride alternative. The zero-waste toothpaste tablets are easy to use with your bamboo toothbrush. Just place the tablet in your mouth, bite down on it, and brush your pearly whites.


These plastic-free hair ties are a must for travelers with long hair. Traditional hair ties use plastics that break down into microplastics in our waterways. KOOSHOO hair ties are made from certified organic cotton and natural rubber—both of which are biodegradable. 


Everyone needs a great pair of shades to protect their eyes while traveling. Sunski makes high-performance sunglasses from SuperLight completely recycled polycarbonate resin repurposed from scrap plastics saved from US landfills. The frames are durable, lightweight, and affordable. Your purchase supports 1% for the planet and has a lifetime warranty.


Traveling almost always means lots of time spent on your feet so invest in a sustainable pair of footwear. The kicks from Allbirds are nearly fully biodegradable as they’re composed of naturally-derived textiles and recycled materials such as carbon-negative EVA Brazilian sugarcane SweetFoam™, eucalyptus pulp, and laces made from a repurposed plastic bottle.



There are over 1 billion plastic phone cases made every single year. Protect your cell phone while traveling with B-Corp certified chic compostable phone case—a global first. Pela offers an array of beautiful designs for iPhones and Androids. Even Jay-Z has invested in the sustainable phone cases that are durable and secure.


Having good coffee while traveling is a must but it’s not always a guarantee. When in doubt, pack a few bags of Lomli Coffee. Don’t let the single-use packaging fool you. The ethically sourced coffee is in a steeped bag is made of renewable and compostable materials. It’s perfect to enjoy on the go in your reusable collapsible coffee cup.


By: Lola Méndez

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