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Escape to Morocco

Escape to Morocco

The desert Kingdom of Morocco is a dream destination for many travelers for many reasons—fascinating history, tasty cuisine, breathtaking nature, welcoming locals, and massive shopping meccas of handcrafted artisan goods. There’s no shortage of memorable travel moments to experience from camping in a Berber tent in the Sahara Dessert to getting henna art painted on your hand. These are the locales in Morocco not to miss as you travel across the country.



Many international flights arrive in Morocco through the cosmopolitan city of Casablanca. The white city is lovingly referred to by locals as Kaẓa. The French district, Ville Nouvelle, features many buildings from the early 1900s and Parisian-inspired cafés on Boulevard Mohammed V. The only mosque in Morocco that allows non-Muslims to enter is Casa Blanca's Hassan II Mosque.

Hassan II Mosque



The coastal village of Essaouira is an excellent first stop in Morocco as the medina is very calm in comparison to the winding market souk alleyways of larger Moroccan cities. The beach town embodies laid-back vibes that are very welcoming. Seafood lovers will enjoy heading down to the market to pick out their catch of the day and have it prepared to their liking right at the port.



Book a few nights in an ancient riad in Fez and explore the walking city of Fez. There are no cars allowed in the medina. It’s easy to get lost in the winding streets but a wrong turn may leave you in the middle of the stunning silver market or conveniently in front of a local hammam. The tanneries in Fez are a sight to behold—be sure to use generous amounts of mint to prevent the stench from making you hurl.



Morocco’s pink city is one of the most popular destinations in the country for good reason. Every corner is jam-packed with sights, sounds, and smells to behold. The former imperial city is home to many well-preserved palaces, stunning minarets, endless markets dedicated to specific crafts, and magical carpets hanging on the dusty walls of nearly every alleyway. the Jewel of the South has been a major trade destination since it was founded in 1062 and is still the best place in the country to shop for meaningful keepsakes.



The blue city of Chefchaouen is not to be missed. The hillside town appears to be coated by the sky. The city is a bit of a maze so hire a local guide to take you around the blue buildings while explaining the history of the area and take you to the best terraces for incredible views of the cerulean façades. Why the city is painted blue remains a mystery. One theory is that the blue paint keeps buildings cool in the extremely dry desert heat. The reason could be that blue apparently prevents termites from destroying buildings. The most plausible reason is that devout Jewish people painted the buildings blue when they lived in the region.


The Sahara Desert

Skip the touristic hub of Merzouga and instead venture a few kilometers out of town to Khamlia which operates homestay and a Bivouac camping program as a part of the community-run social enterprise. The Khamlia Association is a locally-operated nonprofit which funnels profits back into the community to support education programs, agriculture projects, and cultural preservation of the arts including weaving, cooking, and music.

By: Lola Méndez

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